Hello! I’m Pedro Carmo, a product designer from São Paulo, Brasil 🇧🇷 based in Brooklyn, NY 🗽

Recent Work 🔨

I recently joined the talented team at Envoy. I'm leading up the Admin Experience team building out new features and improving existing ones to help offices across the world run smoother. We're based in San Francisco, California but I work remotely from my apartment in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have a talented design crew, and we're currently hiring so please reach out if you're looking for a new opportunity.

Before Envoy, I served as Product Designer at a few companies, such as Simple, Kickstarter, Teespring. For more detail, here’s some my résumé.

If you're looking for my portfolio, please get in contact below. Otherwise, here are some snapshots of my work throughout the years.

Side projects ❤️

As a labor of love, I maintain a library of Product Design Resources. I share a lot of these resources with the students I mentor in the Design 101 and Interaction Design courses at Designlab. I also built a chrome-extension app called Elenco.

I'm available for freelance work too, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Writing ✏️

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Contact ✉️

You can find me as @drocarmo on Twitter, Instagram, Medium, VSCO, Github, etc. If you're into sending emails, just remember to be nice.