Hello internet friend, my name is Pedro Carmo. I was born in São Paulo, Brasil but I’ve lived most of my life in from Orlando, Florida. Currently, I live in Brooklyn, NY working as product designer at Kickstarter. At Kickstarter, I‘m working on the Backing feature team and Design Systems team there. My focus is improving how our backers interact with and back a project checkout page and helping build and define our component library. We're looking for more product designers to join, so hit me up if you are looking!
Before that, I was rolling up my sleeves in the consultancy world as a product designer at DevMynd. Previously, I served as a product designer at Teespring.
In my downtime, I mentor Design 101 and Interaction Design students at Designlab. Elsewhere, you can find me on as @drocarmo on Twitter, Medium and Github. If you're into sending emails though, just remember to be nice.
This rest of this site is still under construction, so stick around to see more soon.